The Idea for Ice Cream by Karen Kinbar

Saratoga Springs, NY 1967 ─ 1990: Strawberry ice cream with jimmies on a sugar cone from the Friendly’s on Broadway (I always wanted a wafer cone)

New York City 1992: Gus’ Place in the West Village. In addition to the grilled octopus with fennel in red wine sauce and the basket of tiny fried fish, he served mango sorbet, pear sorbet, and their friends and close relatives (still looking for a recipe for that ginger-black pepper cookie…)

Seattle 1994: Out of a Flower© ice creams and sorbets from the late lamented Larry’s Markets — combinations of fruits, herbs and spices that I had never even DREAMED possible

Seattle ~1999: Bought a Donvier ice cream maker, and made a lemon (? – rosemary) sorbet. Didn’t know enough to return the thing because it never fit together straight out of the freezer; took 15 years to get a new one.

Seattle 2000: A wonderful friend gave me a copy of Jerry Traunfeld’s The Herbfarm Cookbook, and my food vocabulary continued to expand: Lemon verbena! Rose-scented geranium! Angelica!

Seattle 2004: Made the lemon verbena ice cream and the raspberry – rose geranium sorbet from The Herbfarm Cookbook. I think that this was the true start of Balleywood Creamery.

Seattle 2013: Went to a cooking class at the late great Le Gourmand (may it rest in peace) led by Bruce Naftaly. First exposure to an electric counter-top machine, in the form of rhubarb sorbet. Decision was made to buy one of them machines, both to free up space in the tiny freezer of my counter-depth fridge, and because more than one ice cream can be made in a sitting.

Seattle 2013: Machine bought May 15. Made the peanut butter-curry ice cream from The Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream Book. Started making all sorts of recipes, initially from various ice cream books, and then developed me own as my knowledge base and confidence expanded.

Seattle 2014: I attended the Ice Cream 101 course at Penn State University in January, to gain more knowledge about making ice cream professionally: mix creation, freezing process, various machines, tasting panel. Whew.

Seattle 2014: Balleywood Creamery officially started in March. Started working on this Kickstarter presentation immediately thereafter.

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